hrnyyorky (hrnyyorky) wrote in dailycampics,

COCK–IN–PUSSY : Takes a Fat Cock Between Her Tits

Squeezing your throbbing dick between my tits feels so good. I’ll lick off the precum, and then spit between my boobs to make it slicker, so you slide easily up and down. I’ll pop your willing cockhead into my mouth and roll my tongue around it, and let you fuck my lips. It makes a little slurping sound. When you tell me your going to cum, I open my mouth wide, waiting for your first spurts. They cum out and spill over my outstreched tongue, and down the side of my mouth, dripping down onto my tits. Your head just keeps pulsing and pulsing, and I moan and moan while keeping my mouth open.

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Tags: big tits, blue eyes, cam, cybersex, slut, titty fucking, wecam
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